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Centenary Wood

This attractive woodland stands on an area of land that was once a chalk quarry pit. Chalk from the pit was used by local farmers and in the construction of the East Coast Railway line in the 1840s. The Scarborough to Hull line opened in 1846. Once quarrying ended, the area became an ideal site for a commercial tip. In the 1970s the 3½ acres of land were bought by Hutton Cranswick Parish Council. The first meeting of Hutton Cranswick Parish Council had taken place in 1895. A plan was formed to establish a woodland for local people to enjoy to celebrate 100 years of the Parish Council. Thanks to a grant from FWAG (Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group), work on creating Centenary Wood began in 1995. This was also the year that Hutton Cranswick in Bloom was formed to enter the Yorkshire in Bloom Campaign.

Over the years, Village in Bloom members planted daffodils, bluebells, snowdrops and other wildflowers in the wood. By 2007, the wood had become established enough to make a wildlife survey worthwhile. A survey was carried out by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust with additional information provided by local residents and school children. A grant from the Big Lottery Fund – Awards for All enabled a detailed interpretation board to be commissioned.

Bat watch at Centenary Wood

At the suggestion of the Yorkshire in Bloom judges in 2010 a nature trail was developed. More detailed information boards were purchased with a grant from The Cooperative Community Fund.

Many nature projects now take place in Centenary Wood.