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In Bloom

Britain in Bloom Finalists 2012

Trish Knowles and Jo Murfin

Now I wouldn’t want you to think I’m comparing the Bulletin Team with the Murdoch Empire. For a start we only listen to our own telephone calls, as far as I’m aware not one of us owns a racehorse and the last time a party was held, David Cameron was certainly not on the guest list.

But there are similarities in as much as that whether it’s The Times or a village newsletter a good deal of work goes into producing a publication on time that is hopefully entertaining and informative.

In our case this task falls on the shoulders of a very small number of people, and it has come to notice recently that I’m sorry to have to report that they have been known to take holidays, have family responsibilities, and worst of all in my view, are sometimes poorly. This is when the phrase  “You can’t get the staff!” comes to mind and was the reason we appealed for help a couple of months ago. Two lovely ladies responded (like lambs to the slaughter) and I would like you to get to know them this month.

I went first to see Jo Murfin who,, whilst only being a resident for four years, has made her mark on the village through her interest in the School, and now Chairs the Friends who raise so much money for School funds.

Jo was born in Birmingham but spent most of her childhood in Filey of which she spoke glowingly. After finishing her college course on Fashion and Costume she decided to move to Scarborough to find work .Having managed a bar one night a week whilst a student, it wasn’t long before she found herself working in the Pavilion Vaults – a cellar pub no longer in existence which featured live rock bands. Call that work?

To bring us more up to date Jo met and married Chris and they now have a handsome eight year old son, Charlie. In fact we probably have Charlie to thank for Jo’s presence in Hutton Cranswick, because since he was diagnosed with autism her search for a school which best meets his needs has been paramount. It was heartening to hear her being so complimentary about our village School and she obviously enjoys her involvement with the Friends. She explained that they work closely with the staff, and through the newsletter (which looks most professional) try to raise awareness of what the School can offer.

Jo bravely endures an ongoing hip problem which has meant a good deal of hospitalisation in London over the last few years, and perhaps due to her lack of mobility at that time has become extremely organised and adept at computing. Good news for The Bulletin, Jo!

Next I visited Trish Knowles in her lovely cottage overlooking the Green. She proudly explained the renovation project that took place in 1980 when she moved from Driffield with husband Geoff.  It was he that was responsible for most of the hard work, because they had two small children at the time, but it has certainly paid off and I should think the house is almost unrecognisable to anyone who knew it before.

Trish was brought up in Leeds and met Geoff at a Youth Club. Apparently they were introduced by Geoff’s best friend, but as they’ve been happily married for forty one years it would seem she made the right choice!

Her most recent employment from which she took early retirement, was for Hull City Council working as a careers advisor with Connexions, an interesting job which saw her visiting schools in the Hull area. With youth unemployment at its present levels I imagine it wasn’t always easy to portray a positive attitude to the youngsters with whom she dealt.

Trish is a long standing member of the W.I and also of the Driffield branch of the U3A, where she enjoys the film club. Probably her main interest at the moment is trying to conquer German as she and Geoff travel to Bavaria twice a year to visit their daughter Gemma and their three gorgeous grandchildren. Gemma, who has a German husband teaches English as a foreign language and is keen to speak her native tongue to her parents, so bang goes their chance to practice. Thankfully their younger son David is a resident of Driffield, so much more accessible and they experience less of a language barrier!

Trish comes across as a very capable and willing new member of the Team and has also kindly offered to help with deliveries if needed, which is especially useful during holiday periods.

So it’s a big welcome to Jo and Trish and with their input The Bulletin can only go from strength to strength. So maybe Rupert Murdoch should watch his back after all!