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Britain in Bloom Finalists 2012

Katie Spence

With all due respect to most of my previous victims, it did make a pleasant change  to visit an attractive young woman whose age falls more closely into my grandchildren’s category than my own.

Our most recent advertiser in The Bulletin is Katie Spence who provides a mobile hairdressing and acrylic nail service.

Katie was never one of those children who when asked (rather crassly in my opinion) if they knew what they wanted to do when they grew up, would reply – not a clue. Katie knew! I suspect the fact that her mother is an accomplished hairdresser (at Beverly’s in the village) had a lot to do with it, but she never doubted where her future lay.

Trained at Beverley College, Katie achieved NVQ Level 2 whilst working firstly for Raymond Kaufmann in Beverley who specialised in hair extensions, Red in Driffield and then Europa Moda in the same town. There she stayed for two and a half years, until the big decision was taken to become self employed. It actually only took around six months to get established which must say a lot for not only her skill but also her enthusiasm. The financial downturn seems to have passed Katie by, as she has not experienced any falling off of business since last Christmas.

She has built up such a substantial client base that she needs to work two late nights, and given the number of salons in both Beverley and Driffield, must be doing something right.  It is Katie’s intention to return to College next year to take Level 3, which will mean that in time she will be qualified to teach and assess other stylists.

At the moment the main aim seems to be to save up, with her boyfriend, to buy a property in Driffield.   However much her lovely home in Watton may have appealed to me, she would prefer her future family not to have to be so reliant on Mum’s taxi!

Hobbywise, working the number of hours she presently does, her visits to the gym at the White Horse must be

restricted, but Katie does manage to find time to go riding – something that was very much a part of her childhood but that has lapsed for a few years.

An entrepreneurial idea of Katie’s is to offer Pamper Parties for both children and adults. I can easily imagine one or two of my granddaughters definitely being up for having their hair straightened, curled or plaited and their nails

painted in exotic colours. To also leave with a parcel is the icing on the cake. The good news doesn’t end there – their mothers would be very happy that all this is provided at a very reasonable rate. As for those of slightly more advanced years (?), Katie offers a similar package – maybe as a precursor to a girlie night out or indeed in! Sounds like quite a giggle, over a glass or three of Pinot Grigio, watching your friends being transformed.

Weddings are events that Katie particularly enjoys being involved with professionally. She takes great care to dress the bride’s hair to perfection, so if any of you out there are considering tying the knot, you know who to call.

One has to admire a girl who, by her own admission was not the most academic in the class, but loved the practical aspects at school and who has gone on to build the successful business that she has today. Perhaps if there were a few more Katies in the country the economic forecast would be a lot more upbeat.