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Hutton Cranswick in East Yorkshire

Plan your village event for maximum attendance.

The Bulletin Team have come up with an idea to reduce the number of clashes on event dates and increase the opportunity to maximise attendance by better promotion of your event. Here is the current calendar of events happening in Hutton Cranswick over the next year.

If you are planning an event then check that nothing similar is planned on your preferred date:

 look through the calendar for your proposed date

 view whether something similar is planned near to or on that date in the village

 if you are happy to proceed with your event then email your event, date, time, location and details to ourvillages@hotmail.com

 The Bulletin team will post your event onto this event calendar

 where space allows we will include a sixth of a page advert for your event in the body of The Bulletin

Each month The Bulletin team will check the online calendar for upcoming events and put the detail into the DFYD listing in The Bulletin. The Bulletin Team will encourage all event organisers to include their dates in the online event calendar.