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6th Annual


Sunday 26th July

It will be a different kind of show this year!

The hope is that by 26th July we will be able to have a small-scale show at the SRA, to showcase your entries (and hopefully a bit more too), but if it has to be a virtual show, then that is what we will do.

The schedule is smaller this year, but also out earlier too. There will be prizes for the winners as usual and a lot of the classes are more general this year, to give you more opportunity to choose what you want to create.

All classes are free and no entry form

Look out for more briefings on the show and further information posted on this pageĀ in July

Download a copy of the new Show Schedule

A big thank you to all our sponsors from previous years. We are not asking for any sponsorship this year, in light of these difficult times for everyone.

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